About James

James began his teaching journey at the tender age of 17 when he completed his Professional Golfers Association exams in his home country, England. Here, he was trained by one the of the top coaches in the UK and quickly became one of the youngest qualified golf professionals in the country. After 6 years teaching golf at a professional level, he then moved to Dubai to further his career and gain more experience. This provided him with a strong foundation as a teaching professional which was an excellent stepping stone to his career in dance.

James swiftly progressed to an extremely advanced level in salsa and he became the first dancer in the country to consistently perform/teach at an international level. Whilst building a solid reputation as the most sought after instructor in the Middle East, he then launched his own dance centre, catering for various types of dance. His particular field of expertise being salsa, James developed his own syllabus for teaching which he has refined throughout the years. Never one to stop learning, James has a fierce passion for self improvement and is proactive in his desire to travel around the world taking lessons from some of the greatest dancers across the globe. His ability to encompass techniques from various dance styles has enabled him to bring added depth to his own dancing and has been instrumental in his personal development as a teacher.

Although James has choreographed, performed and taught throughout Europe and Asia, his main passion is teaching; the sense of achievement he gains from perfecting his technique in teaching students from complete beginner to the already advanced and seasoned dancer. He is particularly known for his vigorous attention to detail, breaking down every aspect of the dance and always striving to get the best out of people through his own enthusiasm for the art and sheer determination of character. Over the years he has trained dancers that are now considered to be the best in the country which has been a testament to his coaching ability.

James has also developed his own training system in order to educate instructors in how to teach to his high standard. This is achieved through a blend of theory based learning, supervised practical application followed by ongoing support and mentorship, enabling his instructors to get the best out of their students in the shortest amount of time.

After 20 years experience in the field of dance, James stands out as a hardworking and dedicated professional. A talented dancer, exceptional teacher and successful business owner, he continues to make his mark in the world of dance. He is well respected amongst his peers and his determined nature and perfectionism never seizes to bring a smile to those around him!